LOOPDIVISION is a global brand that caters to environmentally and socially conscious consumers. We incorporate functionality, warmth and fashion into our products.
We at LOOPDIVISION see the unsustainable use of clothing materials used that harms the environment and the living things in the planet. With this we make it our mission to use environmentally friendly, socially responsible materials to produce our products to offer to our consumers
Our goal is to protect and warm the bodies of our customers but also their hearts. Our materials used, from traditional to modern , sustainable and recyclable with emphasis in helping future generations by reducing our waste footprint.
Aside from the materials used, each product is manufacture with care and emphasis on quality and workmanship to ensure longevity of the product.
We are constantly doing ongoing research on green, sustainable, environmentally materials to incorporate to our products in order to do our part to assure a beautiful planet for our future generations to come.

LOOPDIVISION - We have to keep the loop going for future generations.